Sunday, June 7, 2009

english article

slm wrt.
dear reader,
sometimes it is good to enhance our English by reading english articles by english people.In addition, maybe our dakwah will be more captivating for us and other people(muslim and non-muslim) =).
try to read this article about with end in mind after or before you read saiful
also on with end in mind.
till then,
selamat berdakwah. Salam.

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.:.nurhidayah.:. said...

interviewer:oh,ini rahsianya best student spm smapl!

best student spm:alhamdulillah.nk berjaya perlu ada misi n visi. sokong 100%.

afiquehidayat said...


aku xphm la ape kaitan dgn post aku...

xyah jdik best student pun utk ade visi n misi.... yg penting if nk bjaye...


.:.nurhidayah.:. said...
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