Monday, October 26, 2009

When a duck speaks chickenese

*Note above:read as fast as you can,this is not an exam question to read carefully


"air m frum yemen"said a guy,well-sitted just beside me.

"ismuk eh? Enta @#$%%" asked another guy on my other side,in ammi-arabic, which totally made myself at one's wit end. TING!


This morning as i woke up with full of zess,i went to my class earlier than before-because i'd often overslept recently(haha). The class started at 8am,and i need some precious 20minutes to walk from my home-not sweet-home. There are some interesting things happened along my walk. And of course,dust,smells of faeces of everything that done digestion process(medical term..or well-known as shit..lalalala),well-mixed with the smells human urine (one of bad attitude of arab is they love to make walls at streets' side as their evreryday public toilet), of all are daily basis treatment before i can arrive to university safely.

One thing that really 'funny' happened to me,yet a depress thing. Since i have a practical class,i have to find the right laboratory for the right subject in that morning. I was told by seniors that it's on the third floor and the lecturer is very2 'skema' regarding time. So,i rushed there with a glance to my watch that shows: 8.02am-YOUR ARE LATE AND NOT PUNCTUAL.

I went to a room that looks 'like' lab. Haha,and perhaps to everyone logical thinking,it is the preparation room for the lab. But then, i asked a man inside that room;

"li sanah uula,biochemistry? Maugud hina?" which means i am asking if the class for first year biochemistry will be held in there.

The man said yes and he invited me to come in. He can speaks English,but not really good at it,yet still can be understood. He then gave me arabisc-sandwiches and made for me Arabic tea. (He boiled water in conical flask which i thought it is for experiments...erk!is it really clean??) Very hard to accept his invitation,but it seems harder to refuse as arab don't like people who refuse to their offers.

I chatted with him a little bit in bilingual-arab and english He is Thariq,19 years work there,no children,yet married for 15 years.

30 minutes passed. And i still don't see any other students(except myself) or even doctor come into that room. Suddenly,this questions pop out from my mouth.

"mr thariq,hal sohih ana fi haga makmal? This lab,for year one?"

"laa'2. This lab is for higher studies,for sanah ulaa,year one,up(trying to say upstairs maybe)"

Erk????????????????? I was in the wrong place? And i am late? My watch shows "8.40am-YOU'RE LATE AND VERY DUMB TO BE IN A WRONG PLACE"

I finished the hot arbic tea-yet i throw it in a sink there about 2/3 of the glass. Said thank you to Mr Thariq and he smiled,andt said;

"yeah,please come again"

O Allah,help me! Grrr, i ran upstairs and search for the right lab,then asking a 'makcik' there, and then she said in the etc2 room. I when there for 2 minutes. Then,a senior came,

"what are you doing here? My class will be held here-he is in Year 2."

Okay,i'm finished. People downstairs said it would be upstairs. And upstairs said it should be downstairs. To my mind, even i know the right lab, i wouldn't be able to make it,as it was nearly 9am as i did some morning execises using stairs-elevator would have to make me waiting and i was really rushing on that time.

Then,i went home. No practical for me today. InsyaAllah,i will have it tomorrow,on a right time at a right place.( I phoned a senior and she had shown me the labs.)

Note below: time move fast,if we late in arranging ourselves quickly,we are failed by time. And we are in khosirin.Do pray for my success in putting myself in this new environment of study.

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~Zakiy~ said...

hak3.. nme pn public..
klu lam tndas x nme public r..
n spe 'she' yg tnjk klas 2??

afiquehidayat said...

ceh...dlm byk2 point,
isu tandas yg ko pilih..

she? haha..minah taun 2..
xlawa pun(haha...jujur gle aku)

Asif said...



Kaifa haluka? (OK x arab aku ni? hehe)

afiquehidayat said...

to Asif a.k.a. MOK~gemuk

puas ati aku kutuk ko...
mne tak nyer,udah lame kite tak bjumpe...huhu
aku sehat2,alhmdllh

asif,windu ko(uwekkk)
rindu gle kat dq,
tpi kne tabah kan diri..sbb keputusan udah di ambil,
fa iza 'azamta,fa tawakkal 'ala-Allah

p/s:moga ko dapat masyi 30 juz,bukan 4flat smate...aminn

Asif said...

To afiq a.k.a kurus lidi.
Haha..alhamdulillah, ok kat sana. Bgslh. Rindu? Hehe. Mai la melawat. Tp, ktrg xd kot nxt yr ko melawat. Huahua..amin. Biar quran dterjemahkan dlm hati dan akhlaq. Amin. Ko, dok sana, pilih jalan nabi musa, jgn plh piraun punya. Hehe.