Monday, August 3, 2009

time passed,people grown up,things changed

happy moment in aquaria shop...perabis duit org jewk kedai nie..ngeh3

me and my sis

eurmm,how i would like to start this post.. yeah,maybe this sounds weird,but then this what i feel. My siblings all 5 are 'reuniting' again after about years we didn't do it before. Hence, what do you aspect to hear from one of us? a happy moment with all the stories from each of us about their life before?

well,things just not that simple.yes,maybe for sometimes we thought things will be 'sgt2 la indah dgn pertemuan itu'.but then, even my eldest sister sometimes has tears due to what my mother's advices in taking care of her first child. huhu,pity on her.

(saya xde la menangis,ngeh3...buat xlayan je la 'even' ayat2 panas di suapkan-malas la pikir byk~boys always like that~)

yeah.i have to admit it. Because of time passed by,and each of us grow, in different surroundings
( ye la,da besar..), okay2,lets imagine. my 1st sister used to live in egypt while rising her first child with her own practical way as a medic student, my 1st brother used to hangging out with his friends and studying abroad and we have not meet for such a long time(not really long actually =p), and I used to struggling all by myself to perform well in spm08,and then have to study in dq with 'tarbiyah yg kuat dan kdg2 men'tension'kan'(some kind of good but rethoric).. and another two are on their way from egypt to malaysia.

haha...well,not to blame anybody, because it's no-one fault. but then,what are the positive things that i've seen in each of that we all try to be as nice as we can, and try to respect each other personality..(yelah,ade ke sape2 yg 'sunshine mood all the time',dengan parents lagi.. but we have to respect them okay!!)-haha,a lots of babbling-advising,for sure from my mum..

for me, i have a little problem in fitting myself with this new environment. Well,i was like between to practice what i've learnt in dq about Islam(and as a hafiz student) or just acting normal as in person. it's not to show that i'm good in ibadah,etc,etc but then i have to make sure what i've learnt to be practiced in my daily life.

-Haha,weird huh when i've to say that i feel quite confused in either to spend a lot of my time with quran or just a little time for it and a lot of miggling with my siblings(i am just 7 month old,a lot to do in arranging my personality so that people don't say...wuuuu,this boy so like this,that type..,etc)

haha,in the nut shell,yup,we can't cater everybody's pleasure.. so,i just take the 'wasatiyyah' road, be modest and medium in all i do, and do the best(am i?). If there is anyone who don't really suits to what i am, then i have to say... i'm sorry and padan muke you.(hahaha)
Lets take a glance at these picture..

my beloved sis..already a wife of somebody...huhu

abah,mama,my 'kakak besar' and my'kakak kecik'

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faiq zaini said...

juz take sume bnd kat dq.
u'll alwayz need them.

hnestly, ak pon da out of cntrol sket.

afiquehidayat said...

to faiq zaini:



0it.. Jgn skli2 jjk kk k0 lg kt blik ak.. Hu3,

afiquehidayat said...

to afifishabri:

nak jejak jugak...uwekkkkk